The Review of Your Credit Application

Credit ApplicationEach credit represents a risk for both the borrower and the bank. Before giving his answer, the bank examines the affordability of repayment and the financial history of the borrower. The bank can always refuse credit.


The bank will review your request and your situation


In everyone’s interest, it is essential that the bank has all the useful elements. It will look like this:

– Your ability to repay the look of your family and professional situation, your income, your assets, your debts, etc…

– Guarantees that you can make: mortgage or guarantee.

– Your financial history: the bank consults the National Register of incidents repayment of loans to Individuals to verify that you have not had incidents of reimbursement or payment. This avoids people already struggling to unsustainable debt.

– Your personal situation you may be eligible for subsidized loans.


Tip: clearly describe your income and expenses; do not forget to tell all your outstanding loans. Good faith is a prerequisite for trust.

Couples, married or not, you are co-borrowers. It is much rarer to borrow each separately in the bank: in this case, each of the loan agreements fell under the condition of the award of the loan agreement by the other.

Warning: To be co-purchasers (co owner), both names must appear on the deed. Co-borrowing is not enough.


The decision of the bank


The interest of the bank that you can pay normally has no benefit to deny your credit if it believes that you can repay.

According to the credit requested, your agency may need to refer to headquarters for analysis of your application and the award decision. Responsible agencies have indeed specific powers with maximum amounts. The procedure can be extended.

The bank will usually ask the domiciliation of your income (wages or fees) on an open account with it. It is also a means to ensure that the resources it has elements taken into account for granting the loan are still valid.


Tip: Do not be stubborn if your application was refused. Request a certificate of credit denial. It will allow you to cancel the operation fund.