Student Credit Cards


Students: who are eligible for credit cards?

 Student Credit Card

To get the ways to build credit for students; they must apply for a credit card that meets one criterion: being a full time student at a college or university.


Advantages of credit cards for students


Credit cards for students offer excellent benefits with no annual fee. Bank knows that students have financial needs.


Credit card for students does no annual fee the current interest rate is very low about 19.99% and has advantages such as:


Insurance purchases: If a new qualifying purchase is paid with a card with the insurance purchases and extended warranty insurance is damaged or stolen within 90 days of purchase, insurance on your credit card can help repair, replace or refund the purchase. In addition, your credit card may offer an extended warranty on eligible purchases. Some of these extended warranties can last up to one year, which can help you manage the cost of repair or replacement.


A student’s credit card does really build credit?


A card for students is a great way to build credit history that lenders and other companies require to see. That is why it is a good idea to apply for a student credit card when you open your first or your bank accounts.


A student credit card can create the basis of a credit score that will help a student to become eligible for loans for major purchases that might want to do after graduation. However, it is important to note that if it is not used correctly, a credit card can have the opposite effect, that is to say, affect the ability of the student to be eligible for loans. You should always pay your balance each month, or at least make the minimum payment it’s among the key ways to build credit.