Security Related to Credit Cards

Credit Card Security Possessing a credit card, you must ensure that vigilance remains in the spotlight!


Adopt responsible and safe behavior:


  • Keep receipts of your purchases and compare the amount to that shown on your monthly statement, because an error is always possible!


  • Do not provide personal information to merchants, even if they ask. They may require a valid card and your signature.


  • Report the loss or theft of your card as soon as possible.


  • In case of fraud, enjoy zero liability. If one steals your card number or your card when you shop online or not, you are freed from your consumer responsibility and pay nothing. You must be able to demonstrate a reasonable indication that you are not the author of transactions, unless they require the use of your personal identification number (PIN). It is therefore important to continually monitor your monthly statements to properly identify any unauthorized transactions.


  • Make a list of all your cards and their numbers. Be sure to keep this list in a safe place (other than your wallet or purse!). It will be easier to cancel in case of theft or loss.


  • You will be responsible for payment of all purchases made by a loved one (with or without your consent) with your credit card.


  • Always check that the card is returned to you after making a purchase.


  • Never give your card number over the phone unless you are at the origin of the call, or you are certain of the identity of the caller.


  • Internet, do make financial transactions just on secure sites (often identified by a small padlock at the bottom of the menu screen right) and NEVER give your credit card number by email.


  • Never leave your credit cards unattended at work or school. The majority of flights credit cards are at these locations.


  • Sign the back of any new card upon receipt and destroy all your unused or expired cards.


These small things of protecting your credit card are among the good ways to build credit.