Quick Ways to Increase Credit Score

Credit ScoresLenders see your credit score to determine how much of a credit risk when deciding to extend credit. If you plan to apply for a mortgage or other loan soon, you should try to increase your credit score as much as possible before applying. Increase your credit score can lower your interest rate and save thousands of dollars over the duration of the loan; it’s among the best ways to build credit.


Part of the credit rating formula includes its utilization rate, which is the ratio between the balances on your credit cards to your credit limit on the card. It’s recommended to pay credit card balances for all card balances below 30 percent of the limits of each card. Pay even lower balances can increase your credit score. If you have money in an emergency fund, consider using it to pay off their credit card balances, and a plan to rebuild their savings with the money you would have spent on credit card bills.


If you have not used their credit cards more ancient times, the credit card companies may have stopped reporting your account to the credit bureaus. Get new active accounts in your credit report by making a small charge on each card and pay it when the bill arrives. This will update your payment history, age of account and the total credit available to get the best score possible.


It’s recommended to get a copy of your credit report so you can see things crawling on your credit score. Examine the error report, such as credit card limits are reported as lower than they really are. If you missed the current payments, catch up on these accounts. If you have a late payment on your report to an account for which it has been nothing but a perfect customer, call the lender and request a change in their desire to eliminate the delay in the payment of its report.


Agencies that specialize in rapid rescoring can correct errors in your credit report in 72 hours if you have the proper documentation. Although you can do the same process that usually it will take months to correct the error, it may be too late to influence the interest rate on your loan. People, who cannot work directly with organizations rescoring fast, so if you see an error on your credit report, ask your lender or broker help for rapid rescoring.