Protect Your Credit Card on the Internet

Credit Card Protection On The Internet The scammers wear all possible tricks to steal confidential information they are seeking in particular those relating to bank accounts online. However, you can avoid scams within certain safety. In case of payment by credit card on the Internet, should you check that should be avoided, what steps to take? We try to answer all these questions in this article.


Buy safely on the Internet with credit card, what should I do?

The least we can do is making sure that your PC has a firewall and anti-spyware or anti-spyware that protects the system from outside intrusion. On the Internet, you need to choose passwords that are difficult to crack passwords combining letters and numbers. It is crucial to make transactions only on secure sites that are recognized by the small padlock displayed at the bottom of the page. In principle, on a secure page when inserting bank codes, the numbers become a sign shaped like a star. At the end of the steps, it is advisable to erase the traces left in the cache folder of Internet browser that allows you to view the pages you visit even without a connection. As a precaution, we must also avoid transmitting credit card information by e-mail. Among the methods of data theft, there are software keyboard captures called “key loggers”.

Key loggers record everything that is typed in order to find a set of 16 numbers typically representing credit card numbers. The trick to avoid this trap is to create a diversion by associating the actions made on the keyboard with the clicks with the mouse. For example, to enter the card number is divided into four sets of four consecutive numbers. We begin by typing the second series of four figures by adding some letters. Then, with the mouse, click to position the cursor to the left that is to say at the beginning of the box to type the first series of four digits followed by 3 or 4 letters. Then we continue with a click of the mouse to position the cursor to the right of the figures already and grabbed the last series and so on. To complete the operation, simply delete unnecessary characters. In doing so, it is difficult even impossible to key loggers decipher what is actually typed.


Use an e-card for Internet purchases

Today, banks have implemented a system using a virtual card for purchases on the Internet. To qualify, the client sends a request to the bank to send him a separate ID and PIN letters. Then it will simply download software required by the bank. From that moment, he can pay online by clicking on the icon of the Software that will provide a credit card number, a number of cipher and an expiry date. This way the buyer does not have to disclose credit card details.