9 Tips to Not Forget Your Payments


1)    Pay on time Regular Payment Concept

The best thing to remember to do something is to run as soon as the situation arises. When you receive an email invitation to pay your phone bill or electricity, you can go directly to your online banking portal to pay your payment. You do not have the money that day? Mark your email as unread until you have made your payment. Ideally, you would have foreseen the sum, since the phone bills and electricity are not a surprise, they return each month.


2)    Sign up for automatic payments

Lunatics of this world may wish to settle once and for all omissions adhering to automated payments offered by some companies. But beware! This option carries another risk: to forget to have sufficient funds in his account. This may cost you in fees for short. If you opt for automated payments, do not forget to mark the date in your diary payments to not be penalized.


3)      Program an alert

For some people, to enroll in a payment schedule is not enough to remember them. Must still consult this calendar! For them, the digital option may be preferable. Program into your phone a sound alert warning you to date the payment to be made. And when the alarm sounds, it puts into practice the first thing: it runs on the spot.


4)    Establish a routine

Payments are recurring sore. Each month, the rent, bills and loans are to be paid. Book time for this task, and restrict yourself to this routine. For example, if you are paid every two weeks, align your first pay of the month with the payment of rent, and your second payment with the other accounts. Write these dates on your calendar.


5)     Go to the bank

Some people need to have more real contact with money to manage it better. These people prefer to receive statements by mail instead of seeing them on the internet and prefer to have cash in their pockets instead of paying by debit card. If this is your case, keep accounts in a drawer, and make your weekly visit to the bank a routine that you get to pay your bills.


6)    Using a computer system

The Excel spreadsheet, you know? This tool can help you plan your payments, especially if your budget is tight. Several models of budgeting tools are available online. It registered its revenue, planned expenditures, accounts payable, etc… Thus, we are better able to pay accounts on time.


7)    Become lists pro

The lists are a great tool for us to think to perform the tasks that we have to do. But a list of daily tasks is of no use to remind us to make various payments spread throughout the month. Spend just a list, and enter the next account number to pay the payment confirmation once the payment is made. You can include this list in your Excel document.


8)    Make postdated checks

You have always to pay the rent on the six months, and it is not in bad faith, or because you need money, but stupidly because you do not ever think, or because your landlord you off to such an extent that you avoid the fullest possible exchange with him? Opt for postdated checks. Owner has no right to impose this method of payment, but basically, if it suits everybody…


9)     Use visual cues

You can put a string around the finger, put an X on your hand, or let hang your accounts in one place unusual that you will not fail to remember to pay them, or near the door to enter, not to forget to bring it with you on your next visit to the bank. Those old tricks still work.